Citizen Kane Research

The Battle Over Citizen Kane Orson Welles was given an extraordinary contract that gave him complete control over his film before he had ever even made one before Hearst was more interested in newspapers than motion picture because “post could destroy a man, film couldn’t.” Hearst wanted power over all papers. He wanted credit for […]

Linkedin Recommendation

Summary In a small paragraph, summarize the key attributes an employer would want in an employee Experience Music streaming Education Capital High School Top Skills Write a short list of skills you possess that would attract the attention of an employer EXAMPLE: Collaborative Problem Solving Project Management Communication Certifications Place the title and year awarded […]

Melody Research, Analysis, and Recording Project

Summary In a small paragraph, write WHAT THIS PROJECT IS ABOUT. Your audience is someone who is not in the class. So, be specific. DELETE ALL OF MR. LE DUC’s INSTRUCTIONS AFTER COMPLETING THEM My First HookTheory Melody I made a little 8 measure melody just to try out the Hookpad. Notes from Howard Goodall’s Melody […]

Resurrecting August Lashinsky Production Project

SUMMARY Role Editor Intention (SMART Goal) By May 6th, as part of team 6, I will edit on the blinks by watching tutorials and practicing by gaining more experience at Adobe Premiere Pro PRE-PRODUCTION – INQUIRY Leader(s) in the Field / Exemplary Work(s) Benny Safdie Training Source(s) In the Blink of an Eye – Walter […]

Audio Recording Sound Safari

Summary We recorded our voices and instruments in different environments to see how the sound was effected. Audio Terms and Definitions Sound Wave A vibrational disturbance that involves the mechanical motion of molecules transmitting energy from one place to another. Compression Reducing a signal’s output level in relation to its input level to reduce dynamic […]

DAW Audio Composition Project

Summary In this project I decided to do a cover of the song Solid State Survivor by Yellow Magic Orchestra. They’re an old Japanese band I recently discovered and have become infatuated with them. Audio File Formats and Definitions AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format): stores standard CD-quality audio; similar to WAV (Higher Quality) WAV (Waveform Audio File […]

How to Effectively Make a Quick Flashback Scene

Que Notes To the point Show exactly what we’re remembering and nothing more Creative transition Bring us from one place to the other (no jump cuts) Obvious before-time Make it clear that we’re seeing the past, usually done with a dreamy looking filter Summary Include only what you need to fully understand what we’re seeing […]

Andrew Stanton Storytelling

Cue Notes Make the audience work for their meal without realizing it Don’t give them 4, give them 2+2. Let the audience figure things out without telling them Make me care A good story gives you a reason to want to know more or what will happen next Everyone has a bar You can make […]

March 2022 SMART Goal Project

SUMMARY Role Drums Intention (SMART Goal) By April 15th, 2022, as part of my School of Rock class, I will learn to play the drums from the chorus of No Love by Death Grips by practicing Hand & Feet Independence and will have improved my drumming skills in my Session 3 SMART Goal. PRE-PRODUCTION – […]

Musical Super Learning

Cue Notes Summary

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